Magic Members Demo

Welcome to the Magic Members demo site. Please take some time, kick the tires and get a feel of the Magic Members administration. You will be able to access all menu – functions and get a idea of the functionality that Magic Members brings to WordPress.

Member Login:
User: member
Password: member123

Site Admin Login
We cannot share admin details because of security reasons. You can download the fully functional 7-day free trial. (No credit card required)


You can download the trial version of Magic Members for free at:

If you have any questions at all about our plugin or how it would work in your application, please let us know. There’s a pre-sale questions thread on our website at where we’ll be happy to help in any way we can.

Please note: It resets the database each 30 minutes.

Please note: Logged in users cannot see the registration forms.

This demo is currently running in the following configuration:
PHP Version: 7.0
MySQL Version: 5.0.51
WordPress Version: 5.1
Magic Members Version: 1.8.68
Please contact us for Magic Members Demo Admin account information at: